Strong images, but the story of the graphic novel is not convincing ? Great writing but the characters remain pale ? What story do you actually want to tell?

The focus of my work is exactly on that. I help characters to become alive and I look for the most compelling structure of the story. I am not advertising a particular dramaturgical model. Nevertheless skills of the trade are a prerequisite for developing a substance, for improving or even for saving it.

I offer workshops to publishers for their authors, I create individual reports and supervise authors in the development of their projects.

The costs of a workshop depend on the number of participants as well as on the preparation time. It usually takes 2-3 days.

The costs for an individual report I calculate as follows :

1. Basic editorial report
- Analysis with focus on linguistic, contextual and structural weaknesses of the text. The basic ideas of the author are not put in question.
- I submit the analysis and we discuss possible improvements.

Costs for the analysis:
up to 100 pages, 250 Euros
up to 200 pages, 350 Euros, etc.
(taken 1500 to 1800 characters per page.)

Meetings: 70 Euros per hour

2. Accompanying editorial report
Service: I analyse the text with special reference to the macrostructure:
Composition and dramaturgy of the arc of suspense
Conflict situations
Characters and character constellations
Perspectives of narrative
Locations of narration
Logic of the plot

Text analysis with reference to the microstructure including:
Composition of the scene
Contradictions in the movements of the characters
Lack of justifications for actions
Superfluous information
Missing information
Unfavorable order of paragraphs and information
Communication difficulties and factual errors

Again I submit the analysis and we discuss possible improvements. There will be two further meetings , acompanying the ongoing work. The basic ideas of the author can be questioned, such as giving the course of the story a different direction.

Between 5 and 6 euros per page (taken 1500 to 1800 characters)