I offer individual coaching and editing services, as well as workshops on all aspects of content development and dramaturgy. It is especially important for me to raise awareness of relevant narrative mechanisms and make the use of dramatic means transparent. It is not my intention to present formulas with universal validity.

There is no single recipe for telling a story well.

The bundling of a story into three acts is obviously an artificial device. It provides the formal basis for drama. Epic storytelling with its open form also allows the reader to realize that it´s fiction - as realistic as the work may be. A story is not about escaping reality, but plunging into it. It is an effort to make sense of the anarchy of life. A story is an abstract interpretation to discover life´s essence without being an abstraction in itself. Thinking of the movies, stories have become the main source of inspiration for humanity. On the other hand, we have been dealing with a decay in storytelling for more than 100 years. The displacement and annulment of social values has also shaken the very basis of dramatic structure. Heroes who want to change the world seem to be more questionable than ever.

The conscious use of narrative methods and the development of characters are the most important areas of dramaturgy. It is a fascinating field between formal rigor and inconstant reality, always at the cutting edge.