Alley of Cosmonauts

Featurefilm (90Min)

"Alley of Cosmonauts", shot on 16 mm, is an episodic film that lives through its atmosphere.

The various locations in the film keep records of a Berlin that doesn´t exist anymore: the old Ostkreuz, a former Stasi villa in Potsdam, a non-reconstructed appartment building in Prenzlauer Berg.
The film begins with a snapshot of Wanda's life. Without money, she´s waiting for her holiday romance at the station. But she´s waiting in vain and a nocturnal odyssey begins. Then the camera leaves her and ,with the look into a window, the film follows the story of Luz. Despite repeated reminders, she has not been able to pay her rent and now she is being visited by a marshal. The round dance closes with Rainer, who is killed on New Years Eve.