The Memory of Places

Documentary (90 Min.)

The film "The Memory of Places" explores the question of where the confrontation with the Nazi past in Germany is taking place today. Do we really need places of institutionalized commemoration like the memorial in Berlin?

The film explores places where history actually happened and looks at what´s going on there today. It asks if there is something keeping the memory alive. The intense and personal research leads to Rathenow Prenzlau, Brandenburg and Templin, small towns with synagogues and Jewish prayer houses until they were destroyed in 1938. "The memory of places" is a trip to stones, documents and people, which are still connected to these traces of a former Jewish life.

Their biographies are lively and full of contradictions. The tracks the film reveals raise lots of new questions but most of all they demonstrate that memory must always remain something alive and current.

TV broadcasting: ARD, ORB, RBB, DVD on request