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Charlotte Khuner, Lada Shornik, Nora Jensen und Ruiling Hu

Musikalische Leitung Sebastian Zinca Künstlerische Leitung Susann Reck

Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank. Gregori Frids Mono-Oper am 18. und 19.2.2023 in der UDK Berlin

And here is the announcement from Sharon Adler/AVIVA-Berlin: "Director and author Susann Reck replaced some of the musical episodes with text passages from the diary for the staging of her documentary opera. In addition to this unique contemporary document, the production works with other documentary "splinters". The two workshop evenings will take place with students from the opera class..."

"Anne Frank"

Kommeroper von Gregori Fried

In winter 2022/23, I am working as a lecturer with students at the Berlin University of the Arts on "Anne Frank"! I am very excited about this exciting project!


Doing physics just for fun

Recherche 2019-2022


Staged Documentary

"One way to get to know a city is to find out how its residents work, how they love, how they die." A.Camus PANDEMIC 2020. THAT'S SHOCK AND RELAXATION - APOCALYPSE LIGHT. Film location Berlin, the city I was in when the shutdown 2020 was announced. The narrowness that became widespread, streets, squares, apartments, people I usually passed, drowned in noise and faded from action. Schöneberg, Kreuzberg, Mitte, the Wannsee. The time levels: present, past, future. My perspective: 2030. The present: the beginning of the end. The past: the Oran by Albert Camus.

URBAN IKARUS, my new film.


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Soundtrack FEAR by Donald Rubinstein


"A wonderful film with which Susann Reck allows an impartial, curious look at six mentally impaired people and what moves them. As a filmmaker, she returns to the place of her childhood - a home for her mentally ill people founded by her parents."
Ilse Eichenbrenner

Coronography Project

Walk through the void

Coronography Project at Dokfest in Munich!

CORONOGRAPHY - an interactive collective project by filmmakers from all over the world Nothing has been the same since the outbreak of the new coronavirus. Life has changed - also for filmmakers. Time for numerous members of AG DOK and docfilmpool to join forces and collect short movies and cinematic fragments. Inspired by this CORONOGRAPHY was developed to show the many small and big stories about the pandemic and its consequences, in a constantly evolving collective project.

Until the shutdown in March 2020, about half a million people visited Berlin every day. One of the hotspots was the Brandenburg Gate. The subway used to be full of tourists.

My snapshot "Walk through the Void" in the underground of the Brandenburg Gate impressively shows the sudden emptiness of this otherwise crowded place.

Coronography Project

...What´s going on daily ...

...DASlabor # 7

First of April 2020 at Studio of the Wolf- Kino, Berlin


Directors Actresses Screenwriters-
wie Frauen erzählen und erzählt werden.

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Wir freuen uns auf euch!
Susann, Juliane, Maren and Désirée

Leipziger Buchmesse

March 14th I´m a panelist of a panel about the Queer Gaze

"Queer visibility is a problem in comics," claims literary and comic critic Stefan Mesch. And the ComFor Society for Comics Research also complained in 2019 of a "lack of diversity". Why is that? Radio mephisto 97.6. asked in a panel discussion about the comic artist Maurizio Onano, the comic critic Lara Keilbart, the publisher of the Avant publishing house Johann Ulrich and the author and director Susann S. Reck, who is involved in the Queer Media Society."


February 21th participating as Co- Initiator of Queer Media Society zu Gast


Last year Pro Quote Film launched its very first International Round Table of women’s organizations in film and media, and we warmly invite you to join us at the 2nd Round Table. We look forward to taking a next step in the discussion. There will be two parts to the roundtable. We will start with a non-public discussion with invited organizations.

The Queer Gaze

Pitching Event/Max Ophuels Filmfestival January 2020, Moderation: Susann S.Reck

The event is intended to offer four young screenwriters the opportunity to present their queer project to the industry audience of the festival and a diverse panel. The materials were selected by networkers of theQueer Media Society: Kai S. Pieck (initiator, author and director), Susann S. Reck (co-initiator, director, author), Luise Helm (actress) and Florian Weghorn (program manager of Berlinale Talents ). Following the pitching, all participants will discuss their "queer gaze" with the podium, referring to the project ideas presented. The focus should be on what this queer gaze is...

DASlabor #5 and # 6

September 3th and November 26th 2019 at Wolf- Kino, Berlin


Directors Actresses Screenwriters how women tell and how they are told

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We look forward to seeing you! Susann, Franziska, Juliane, Maren, Désirée and Petra

Queer Media Society

Interviews with Susann Reck

For a few weeks I have been involved with Queer Media Society, which Kai Pieck initiated. It is a great and necessary initiative, which is used for non-heteronormative media professionals!

See here: Queer Media Society

Interview from Sophie Charlotte Rieger with Susann Reck on

Interview from Knut Elstermann with Kai Pieck and Susann Reck Radio 1


about SHOAH from Claude Lanzmann

November 6th 2018 at the NS- Dokumentationszentrum in Munich






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