SILENT RADICALS - Novel in developement

Alpha and Leah meet incidentally at the airport of Madrid. Twenty years ago Leah had disappeared without leaving a trace. The two cousins decide to return into town and during a nocturnal foray in the spanish capital which is stricken by the global economical crisis, they also start a journey into their pasts.

ALEXIS WERK- Novel, unpublished

writer in residence: Fundacion Valparioso, Venspils, Rhodes

A young actress falls out of a window in the middle of Berlin. What happened? Who was Alexis Werk?

1- 27.April 2004/ Mittags im Hof/ Nachricht/Arufbeantworter/ Kreidezeichnung/ Kabale /2- Ufo/In der Halle/Viktoria Bar/ Dorothee/ Mustang/ Gespenst/ 3- Krise/ Satellit/ Penthesileia/ Schranklesbe/4- Paradies/ Geteilte Stadt/ Gretchen/ Im Stillstand der Zeit/ Morgensonne/ 5- N.Y./ Ex/ Strassberg/ Katastrophenhilfe/ Georg/ 6- Schnee/ Menage a trois/ Schootingstar/ Negerkuss/ Rohrkarussel/ Mercedes/ 7- Morgensonne II / Castelldefels/ Auf dem Balkon/ Stadtrand/ Barqueiros/8- Pearl/ Showdown/ Lulu/ 27.April 2004

Josephine episode 13: Copacabana freezing cold

Spring 06

A short Graphic Novel, Review

josephine 13 (PDF 14.1 MB)